In today's evolving world, there is no resource more scarce than time. Speedy discovery and introduction of new drugs, without irrelevant wastage of time in administrative and back-end processes, is integral to stay competitive in the market. It is therefore imperative for every company, especially the ones in an industry as dynamic as pharmaceutical, to avoid unanticipated delays and unforeseen bottlenecks.

iClinica was established in 2011 with the simple objective of accelerating the drug development process. Our team of professionals amalgamates knowledge, experience and expertise with technology and uses the unique alloy to enable stakeholders to gain a real-time view of every aspect of the drug development process. It also allows them to conveniently track and rectify any track deviations before it causes any irreparable damage.


It is ironical how each IRT product claims to save your time and money while the complex customization process itself is time consuming and cost intensive.
iClinica is a thoughtfully conceived and pragmatically designed ready-to-use platform which allows the user to define the parameters to govern the behaviour of the study and requires but an approved protocol to launch. In other words, it can be integrated into your system in virtually no time and start showing results from day one.

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