Why iClinica

Direct Control for Stakeholders.
Crucial data, if received late, serves only a documentary purpose.
While most platforms only allow stakeholders to assess and witness the activities, iClinica empowers you to even participate in them in real-time without having to rely on anyone else. The platform allows you and your team to gain real-time access to relevant data at any point during the clinical trial. The bio-statisticians can analyze and review the data at their convenience, upload the lists themselves, review them and generate lists using industry standard statistical tools. Similarly, the supply managers can access, analyse and edit the the settings to best suit the requirements for a study. The easy-to-use platform also allows site investigators and site administrators complete control of their operations and customize them for each study.

Verify the study. Not just the study creation process.
'Trust, but verify.' Ronald Regan's words are most applicable in respect to quality and integrity in a clinical trial.
Not only does the dynamic platform allow you to verify the study creation process, it also empowers you to run the entire trial in a mock mode to ensure that the system behaves as desired. You can screen the number of subjects as defined in the protocol, enrol the subjects, randomize them, visit as many subjects as anticipated in the protocol, unblind a few subjects to verify that it works as anticipated, setup the desired supply chain, move the kits across locations, run the re-supplies, generate the reports against the run, compare system behaviour against desired expectations and do lots more with a flick of your fingertips.
It is our practice to urge our clients to ensure that the system behaviour matches the study requirements and assist them in the process to validate the same before going live.

Real time monitoring of the study.
Conventional platforms are often unceremoniously equipped with many loopholes. Stakeholders, in most cases, lack access to real-time data and have to wait for the data to be generated. Even when the data is available in the system, stakeholders cannot rightfully access the data at their own convenience and have to rely on the SOPs of the vendor and their adherence to the same.
iClinica eliminates this irrelevant limitation of data accessibility and empowers the stakeholders to gain instant access to real-time information, any time and every time.

We do not come in your way. We carve the way for you.
Our job is to make yours easier. Reviewing the lists loaded from a document sent as evidence and this taking a couple of days is waste of time and un-necessary overhead. It is better that we provide you a way in which you can review the work that is done and approve the work than the evidence of the work.

Intuitive interface.
Given that studies vary differently, the application understands your requirement of the study and allows you only the operations that are meaningful to your study. It relieves you of the burden of doing too many things at once and presents you with only the options which serve your requirements in the context of the study and current operation.

No need to create new artefacts.
Our job is to ease your burden so you can focus on what you specialize in. We do not believe in wasting your time, energy and resources in explaining the study, verifying our understanding and signing the document certifying that our understanding matches your requirement as already defined in the protocol.
iClinica believes that an approved protocol is all that needs to be configured in a study. Once configured, the sponsor or the authorised representative can review the same and digitally approve the configuration to allow the study to go live.

No custom coding required.
The system has enough parameters to capture the details of the study. The platform is equipped with built-in support mechanisms for commonly used factors such as stratification factors. The platform also facilitates the users to define new factors and conveniently use them in the study.



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